Monday, April 23, 2007


West Atlantic Construction and Agricultural Development Ventures (“West Atlantic”) is a community-based organization headquartered at the Buduburam Refugee Camp outside Accra, Ghana. Our mission is to improve living conditions and quality of life for Liberians by creating modern, affordable housing and supporting agricultural development in Liberia. Peace-building and technical training are the foundation of our work.


The Liberian Civil War destroyed nearly all life-sustaining institutions in Liberia: schools, medical facilities; roads; and telecommunication, electricity, and water systems. 65% of Liberians live outside Liberia, with 50% having fled to Ghana and other parts of the world in fear of losing their lives during the War.

Founder Glenn L. Mitchell, Sr. was inspired by the Biblical teachings of Nehemiah, who urged his compatriots to rebuild their homeland: “Ye see the distress that we are in, how Jerusalem lieth waste…. Let us rise up and build.” To date, more than 150 Buduburam residents have attended West Atlantic’s free peace-building seminars and technical training courses.

Our Programs

Peace-Building and Awareness

· Free weekend seminars for teens and adults. Seminars inspire people to return to Liberia empowered to live together peacefully and contribute to the development of their country.

· On July 22, 2006, West Atlantic held a concert to raise awareness: “The Return of the Diasporian to the Native Land Liberia.” Proceeds supported technical training programs.

Technical Training and Building at Buduburam

· Free, comprehensive training in carpentry, masonry, agriculture, architectural drafting, and entrepreneurship for men and women at the Buduburam Refugee Camp.

· Students attend class full-time and receive one year’s training in six months.

· West Atlantic students constructed a nine-room school building for the United Methodist Church and the Ofankor Orphanage Home in Kasoa.

Our Goals

West Atlantic works to inspire and empower Liberians to contribute to the dream at home. We are in need of financial and technical partners to help us provide materials, tools, and equipment for our programs. Over the next year, we hope to provide free, comprehensive technical training to 500 Liberians.

Getting Involved

West Atlantic needs your support to sustain and strengthen its programs. While we have plentiful human resources, we are in desperate need of agricultural materials, construction materials, mason materials, and tools. .Our ability to make our vision a reality is limited only by our need for material resources. A partial list of items we need follows.

· Agriculture: shovels, spade, digger, watering cans, gloves, boots, rakes, hoes, hand forks, seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, tractor

· Construction: generator, knapsacks, saws, wood, tape measures, marking knives, levels, drills, hammers, chalk boars, chalk, dusters, drawing books

· Masonry: sand, cement, crash rocks, shovels, head pans, trowels, spirit levels, steel rod, water

West Atlantic is dedicated to preparing and motivating Liberians to reconstruct and sustain their lives, families, communities and nation. By partnering with West Atlantic or by making a monetary or in-kind donation, you can support community empowerment and the grassroots rebuilding of Liberia.

For more information and to get involved, please contact:

Glenn L. Mitchell, Sr., Executive Director